How to Trim the Trees in the Garden

Trim the Trees

The Trim the Trees in our garden are the best element to obtain shade in summer and to give that touch so exotic that we always want to see in this type of spaces. However, at times, these shrubs can carry more than one problem. Here’s how to trim the trees in the garden.

If you are concerned that the trees in your garden grow too large and start to cause certain setbacks, there is the possibility of cutting them. Do you know how to do this task correctly? We give you all the necessary advice.

Trim the Trees


Steps before Trim the trees

Before you get down to work, it is crucial that you choose the direction the fallen tree will fall. The fall of the large branches can cause some accident and to prevent it is important to plan how they will fall before beginning this work.

Also, to make the tree fall with greater safety, use a rope and look for a saw suitable for this job. In the market, you will find electric saws of all kinds, so it is advisable to ask advice from a professional to make the best decision.

The most common for cutting logs are saws specifically such as chainsaws, which are saws with chains that can be electric or gasoline. You also have alligator saws, which are electric and you can change the blades depending on the material to be cut.

If you are going to trim the trees in your garden occasionally, you can choose to rent this type of tools, along with the correct safety equipment to avoid accidents. Do not forget that glasses, helmet, gloves and ear helmets are of vital importance. IPL 2017 Tickets

We also recommend familiarizing yourself with the saw so that you do not move anywhere when driving. Once you have all this, you can start with the task.

How to trim the trees?

To trim the tree follow these recommendations to make it a success:

– It will be much better if the tree falls to that side on which it is inclined or to where the bigger branches are hanging.

– The safety zone must be clear. Calculate this space by multiplying by two the length of the tree to be felled.

– The best way to cut a tree is by following the method of directional demolition. To do this, you have to cut a part of the trunk in the shape of a wedge on the side where it is going to fall, and on the other side make a cut in horizontal without getting to completely cut the rest of the trunk. Leave about 3 cm between the wedge and the horizontal cut to make the hinge. To make the wedge or triangle, cut with the saw the trunk downwards by 60 degrees of inclination and then upwards. Subsequently, if the tree is not very large, finish cutting it with the chainsaw or a demolition lever in the horizontal cut.

Knowing how to cut the trees in the garden, you will be able to keep your private oasis in the right conditions, without fear that it could harm the rest of your home.


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